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Bringing generations together through musical performance.


Arash Sammander (co-founder, chief creative officer) is an artist, designer, lecturer, multipotentialite, and renaissance leader. He worked over a decade in IT for K-12 and universities in the USA, and over 5 years in the Finnish games industry as a designer and industry consultant.

Tuulikki Laes (founder, CEO) is an academic entrepreneur who believes that music and arts are powerful sources of change in society and within ourselves. She has a doctoral degree in music education and is an internationally recognized researcher, lecturer and public speaker.

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We collaborate with your community to build accessible and affordable music learning environments for everyone.

Our mission is to help people create a sense of community and have a positive impact on individual identity and well-being through accessible music learning environments.  This will foster openness, understanding, and solidarity between neighbors regardless of their age, ability, and background.

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